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I won’t compromise or sign with the thieves I’m the underdog trash of the underground scene I only take pleasure when I compete With a knife in my back outnumbered by three I’m on the wrong track hanging off the caboose I can turn all the chaos to shelter and food I may not be pretty like all of you tools But I fight like a tramp and I work like a mule Chorus: They say it ain’t easy I know that’s the truth That hard livin’ crown looks foolish on you No, I ain’t leavin’ until I recoup The glory I pissed away in my youth I’m unlovable and I’m crazy and mean I’ve got hell in my eyes like I’m back on the street They turned me away ‘cause I was unclean So I kicked down the door of the Grand Ole Opry I’m trapped in a hunt that keeps me alive It don’t pay to be meek in the back of the line I’m desperate for something that’s hard to define Like my name in the stone between Townes and Guy Chorus x2
I’ve never been the type to bite my tongue or swallow pride it’s true I have seen some awful fights and landed on the wrong side of a few Livin’ life by candle light trapped beneath the shadow of a tomb Filled with all the pages of a life I never thought that I would choose Chorus: I’m weary and wasted I’m guilty of chasin’ some lie that will satisfy grief But tomorrow at dawn I’m fightin’ like hell to be free I’ve wasted my time on cheap thrills and quick money schemes I’ve spent my last dime on a high for a moment of relief But one thing is for certain I have never known a strength inside of me More bound and determined than to kill my every will of livin’ clean Chorus x2
Things I try to lock inside too ugly to bear Find a seam inside my dream and begin to tear Through my eyes they come alive and beckon for a stare In your throat I hit a note for bells above to hear Chorus: The silence weeps for which of us will leave with something worse Oh, what a beautiful curse Take me out and put me down I’m dying for a cure In this room a tortured few feast upon a spur No sees the artist weep the bounty of his worth Desperately try to breath and dig until it hurts Chorus Brother can you shape these hands and teach them how to feel Something more than how to scorn or burn you in a deal Who needs games or tempting fate when you know how to steal I see in you the same old fool I was when things were real Chorus
Do I have what it takes to make it somehow What if I fall on my face in front of the crowd All my mistakes are reflected in shapes That appear like a self loathing shroud As I recede in the charm of my grief I am bound What keeps me up now Chorus: Let nightmares control you and daylight expose you And the blood in your head starts to pound It’s twenty ’til three and you’ve got a cliff to climb down What keeps me up now Remember the time you first called me out I laughed to pretend not to know what came out of your mouth But it clung on my brain like a fresh coat of paint And I fled on a train headed south In New Orleans I wiped my mind on the town What keeps me up now Chorus I used the dope to escape where I couldn’t be found I burned through all petty cash and bank accounts With nothing left but a guitar and belt I hocked it and swore off the sound The belt was a noose when I came to on the ground What keeps me up now
I stand before a trial I will lose I drink it clear to see my future through The nectar I began to weep when I was just a youth Chorus: Mother pled with me to abstain That temptress of the desert agave I stumble down the empty avenue If this is the bottom I fell through With a spade I dug my grave into perdition’s tomb Chorus It’s painful to ingest or refuse My veins starve and ache for ninety proof When I die spread my hide in that old Jalisco bloom Chorus When I die spread my hide in that old Jalisco bloom Chorus
End With You 04:00
In the wake of all that’s coming it’s so good to hold you dear Life is slipping by has it really been ten years I wish I could see me like you do sittin’ here Even in your memory I’m as clear Chorus: On a blue moon shinin’ bright I swear I could be all I might If you’ll still have this old fool I’m so damn glad I’ll end with you Life is not forever and love ain’t yours to loan I left you so many times for shame I couldn’t own It’s hard to admit that usually I am wrong But I’m too old now for getting gone Chorus Here’s to all the good times we never had Here’s to all the hard times now they don’t seem so bad You somehow uncovered my villain’s leather mask Wiped away there tears I can’t keep back Chorus In the wake of all that’s coming it’s so good to hold you dear
The poison is the only thing that stands Now you’ve fallen to the grips of it’s command All the beauty’s been pawned and you ask why Chalk it all to the cost of the high You’ll buy your time to not be left for chance You’ll curse all the purpose from your hands You will hurt a friend and foe alike Chalk it all to the cost of the high Chorus: Chalk it all to the cost of the high And your lover’s trust will vanish from their eyes All your dreams and countenance and pride Chalk it all to the cost of the high Run away and not get anywhere Chasing feelings no one else can share Dig yourself a grave to steep to climb Chalk it all to the cost of the high A prophet will keep you on his line Everyday will become your last time Sacrifice your body soul and mind Chalk it all to the cost of the high Chorus
The open road with a heavy load is a good place to begin Treat you like a jagged knife on a newborn’s skin Keep composed ‘cause no one knows the kind of mess you’re in Are you sure the hurt will cure your penchant for the sin Chorus: I’m wide awake I’m pumping blood I cursed my cards into doves And filled my wounds with salt and mud Because you’re getting dead or getting tough A king is crowned for the underground with every dawns ascent You must choose the type of muse you’d force upon a friend Coming down off every town is an awful way to live You can’t use your O.D. blues to straighten out your bends Chorus
Losing Again 05:50
I must confess there are times that I did win I can recall many miles with my back to the wind But it’s rainin’ in Laurel and a new storm is rollin’ in I ain’t lost I’m just losing again Chorus: Each road I turn down is a dead end Each year I get older is hard just to stand The train I caught on derailed just round the bend I ain’t lost I’m just losing again I had a love but she left when the drinking began I won the fight but I woke without a friend And the beer on the counter remains no money to spend I ain’t lost I’m just losing again Chorus When I wake up tomorrow I’ll have a new day to live I’ll smile through sorrow and pray for something to give But the chances are ripe that I’ll be in the drunk tank by ten I ain’t lost I’m just losing again Chorus
I believe I believe my love In things I cannot see That calm and carry me I am free I am free my love From all that did bind me Left far behind me Chorus: Glory waits for you and I Somewhere down the line I am bound I am bound my love For beauty I’ve not found I’m searching all around I will go I will go my love Where gentle waters flow Somewhere down the road Chorus I don’t know I don’t know my love Where the wind may blow But I’ve got you to hold Chorus I believe I believe my love In things I cannot see That calm and carry me


This album unconsciously became a direct response to our last album, ‘Weight Of A Trigger’. That album being a hidden trilogy of a good man's descent into hell, ‘Glory’ is a psychological glimpse of climbing out of hell.

I wanted this album to be stripped down to a string band style and more cohesive than the last. I originally framed this albums sound after Steve Earle's ‘Train A Comin’ record. This is by far my proudest album under the Lost Dog banner. Thank y’all for giving a damn.
-Benjamin Tod


released January 21, 2022

Benjamin Tod - Main Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Ashley Mae - Fiddle, Backing Vocals
Jeff loops - Upright Bass, Backing Vocals
Douglas Francisco - Slide Guitar

All songs written by Benjamin Tod
Cover Illustration: Ashley Mae
Art Layout: Cud Eastbound
Mix Consultants: Cooper McBean, Jason Dietz
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering and Recording in Nashville, TN. Fall 2020 - Spring 2021


all rights reserved



LOST DOG street band Kentucky

Benjamin Tod from Tennessee. Ashley Mae from South Dakota.

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