Homeward Bound

by LOST DOG street band

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this album is lost dogs third and longest album to date. Recorded in Nashville fall 2014, this album drags you through the misery of tragedy and solace in loneliness. it speaks for itself.


released January 1, 2015

Thank you to everyone who funded this album. We couldn’t have done it without you. Cheers!

Album credits:

Benjamin Tod- Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica, Fretless Bass

Ashley Mae, Fiddle, Vocals

Ben Walters- Upright Bass on ‘Awoken By Gunfire’

Shannon Jae Ridout- Banjo and vocals on ‘Dirty Dog’

“Mandolin” Mike Slusser- Mandolin on ‘Carry On’

Ivan Doerschuk- Drums on ‘Fall From Grace’ and ‘Sleeping Tight’

“Smokin” Brett Resnick- Pedal steel on ‘Fall From Grace’, ‘Sleeping Tight’ and ‘Grace’s Casket’

Dirty Dog Recorded by Justin Dye
all other tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering in Nashville, TN in the Fall of 2014

All songs Copyrighted by Benjamin Tod Flippo Except ‘When I Went Down to Georgia’ Written by Nicholas Ridout


all rights reserved



LOST DOG street band Kentucky

Benjamin Tod from Tennessee. Ashley Mae from South Dakota.


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Track Name: Carry On
I wish i was dead or drunk or deceived like so many good friends of mine

‘Cause time it does kill the last of my will to see through my reckless eyes

If you should go yours and I should go mine we’ll meet in heaven or hell

We never cared for much in between of the world we desperately dwell


oooo, How I loved you in the dawn

oooo, but our souls they drift apart

oooo, we must carry on again

oooo , carry on my dearest friend

The moon shines on the porch of the train as i bid New Orleans goodbye,

it reminds me again of the man that I am and the thought brings tears to my eyes,

The miles between your heart and mine don’t lessen the love we share,

So if I should fail or die or prevail my fate is yours to bear


I’m weary and tired I’ve nearly expired as the bottle’s killed in the end,

your face comes to mind and I smile and sigh as I ride on again

Track Name: Sleeping Tight
If I had one wish oh, I would sleeping tight.

Rest my weary eyelids and drift off in the night.

But I’m still contemplating and in comes the morning light.

I choke on my breath as clouds go rolling by

In my dreams oh, your face it is quite clear

I held you so close were did you disappear?

Yonder comes my baby she’s prayin’ for a smile

she sees the hurt i’m in and the devil in my eyes

she knows i’m dreading but hoping for a sign

a long lost friend would save me from my nightmares tonight

I kept on walking and refused every ride

Said i’m searching for a ghost have you seen him pass by?

Somewhere I’m pickin’ daisies oh I’m laughin’ like a child

far from misfortune and a worn out tortured mind

maybe someday I’ll see you on a lonely drunken train ride

you could pick a melody and I’ll just close my eyes

Life is hell and God can’t put you through it twice
Dreams are in between but I ain’t sleepin’ tonight
Track Name: Dirty Dog
Pretty darlin’ I’m going down now you’ve said you don’t want me around

I chased a freight train bound out of mind out of town

to find my peace in old southern sounds

I dreamt you face by the fire side, I screamed your name in the moonlight

baby please let me come home I can’t make it on my own like a dirty dog

like a dirty ooohhhooohhoho

I stumbled toward Decatur to go to town for one last round

and I shot poor Louis for the gold he found

I ain’t got my .44 no more and the warden says I’m done for

and darlin I might never see you again

I’m workin’ a shank and counting the days

‘til that warden turns his back after spittin’ in my face

babe I’m comin home I can’t make it on my own like a dirty dog

like a dirty ooohhhooohhohooo

I snuck my way back to Baton Rouge

to grab some cash to come home to you

and blew the safe at the county bank

I was stuffin’ bills in my coat pocket

runnin’ home through swamp and thicket

Found my way to our front door

I was peekin’ through the shades to find your face

and there’s another man layin’ where I used to lay

only two shots rang loud I dug two holes in the ground like a dirty dog

like a dirty ooohhhooohhohooo

I dreamt your face your face by the fireside

I screamed your name in the moonlight

Babe please let me come home I can’t make it on my own like a dirty dog

like a dirty ooohhhooohhohooo
Track Name: Awoken By Gunfire

I had a dream the other night under an open sky

there was everything I’d spent my whole life to find

so I set down my hat and tried to admire

but I was awoken by gunfire, lord I was awoken by gunfire

Have you felt the sweetest sorrow, the pain in laughter, heaven or hell?

lord I know I may die tomorrow my bodies borrowed so I don’t care

Hearin’ the howls of a pack of coyotes high on a mountain cold and alone

I pray your name oh so gently i love you dearly i hope you know

I’ve fought back tears I’ve been mean and angry took life for granted for too many years

but I know now and i’m sore and sorry I’s blind and ornery now I see clear

Track Name: Fall From Grace
Lover hear me cryin’ Oh, I’m stumblin’ through the darkness

can’t find my way home

I’m pickin’ through the ashes and my head it aches

and my thoughts are all clouded in blue


Lord, I’m a fool x4

if I should fall from grace would you want me babe

even if I was ruined?

Oh, could you find a way for my soul to save

even if it might ruin you too?

I’m haunted by the bottle and the taste of death

on my breath callin’

So, I fought with my reflection now there’s broken mirrors

and blood and tears all around


I’ve never known the reason but you found my heart

and fell in love with who I am


Lover hear me cryin’ oh, I’m stumblin’ through the darkness

can’t find my way home
Track Name: Oh Dear Brother
Oh dear brother I believe it’s time for leavin’

we’ve both been healin’ from wounds that won’t stop bleeding

sometimes it’s hard to remember to keep breathing

when all you feel are bad feelings

Oh dear brother Adios

when I need a fix I’ll be pushin’ with your ghost

you thought you were bad but you know I’m the worst

and I live with the ghost

Oh dear brother what have you done

we were once as close as a bullet and a gun

there’s a time for growing and you know we had our fun

you just had all you could stand dear friend

Oh dear brother I’m cryin’ and pleadin’

everyday it gets harder to believe

the lord does take and the lord he’s been greedy

don’t he know how much you need me

(first verse)
Track Name: The Way I Am
I’ve got a short fuse lord my cannon’s loose

and I hate myself everyday that’s dealt that I couldn’t comfort you

I wish I could promise this was my last time

But i’m a bitter man and i don’t understand why in the hell I’m cryin’

It was a cold December and I still see her in my head


Don’t ever say I didn’t love you everyway that I knew how

I’ll drag you down it’s just the way I am

I’ll cut you down anyway I can

I was a dirty kid on a corner drinkin’ a box of wine

I was young and dumb and getting spun, lord for the hundredth time

I was a glutton for pain I was a runaway train

So I rolled a dice for a better life and stepped out in the rain

Thought that I would walk forever, I will walk forever


It was a cold December and I will walk forever

Track Name: Graces Casket
Grace was Jack’s darlin’ lovin sweety

the thought of her could still paralyze him now

and a cold wind brought him back again

back to where it all began

Started with a drink somewhere in Georgia

three weeks later married in Montana

They hid behind the shadow of their rifles

Burnin’ bright and fast in the wind

Now and then you’d read about ‘em in the papers

another sheriff gunned down in durango

You’d read they’d been caught and broke out of Yuma

with veins to thick and blood to thin

With every kill their love grew stronger

Every dollar bill they felt fonder

‘Til the night Grace mistaked the weight of her gun

Jack found her corpse with the mornin’ sun

It’s been thirty years since Jack picked up a weapon

His pistol lay down in Graces casket

and he goes by Tom And he lives in his sorrow

about the life that could have been

He sits and stares out his lonesome desert mansion

Paid in gold from the heist that killed his darlin’

And he buys his time awaiting hell

Where he’ll find Grace with his loaded gun

Where he’ll find Grace with his loaded gun
Track Name: Baby I Got You
I ain’t got no money, baby I got you

No fancy cars or diamond ring or tap dancin’ shoes

I once was a rollin’ stone tumblin through the dark

now I’m in love with a lady down a bright shining road

I ain’t no whiskey, baby I got you

just a fiddle and a bow and an old six string

bad attitudes

we’ll be there by morning if all goes well

we’ll be snug in a boxcar on the highway again

I ain’t got no water, baby I got you

when I’m rich and famous I’ll buy you the ocean blue

I don’t ever want to hear that there ain’t anyhow

‘cause the world is my sailboat and I’m swingin’ from the bow

I ain’t got no sunshine, baby I got you

you were a candle in the darkness

you was green and I was blue

I would light up the world just to make you my girl

and we’ll dance in the ashes as the skyscrapers burn
Track Name: Some Take To Drink
Some take to drink, others take to smoke

some take bullets some take to rope

some men are born with fire in their eyes

and they’ll dig their own graves lord

and they won’t complain when they die

Some learn to charm, others never will

some take to needles, some take to pills

some men are born with weakness in their eyes

and they’ll kill who they can lord

and they won’t understand when they die

some change their minds, others change the world

some die with nickels, some die with pearls

some men are born without a soul to tell

and they scream when they can lord

and they’ll spew their hate in the bowels of hell
Track Name: When I Went Down To Georgia
When I went down to Georgia I was on the fence

about whether I was coming home

and I know now better than before

i don’t know lord what I’m looking for

It was red red rocking chair sittin’ on the porch

pickin’ as the bottle runs dry

and I go there for the free beer

but I don’t know lord what I’m doing here

There’s a train waiting as I walk the tracks

freddie a callin’ to me

so I climbed on a bottle in my hand

why I left lord I’ll never understand

I caught that ride back to Tennessee

in the dark the wind and the rain

I caught that ride to the depths of the wind

goes to show you just can’t win

Oh, my Caroline I never should have left

and you should have never stayed with me gal

and I know now there’s two ways to be

live in love or die in misery

(first verse)

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