Rage and Tragedy

by LOST DOG street band

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Everything was ugly and nothing healed.


released April 22, 2016

Benjamin Tod- Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica
Ashley Mae-Fiddle, Vocals
Ivan Doershuk- Drums
Dan Emery- Upright Bass
Brett Reznick- Pedal Steel
Joseph Faison- Banjo on 'One Shot to Wake'
Shannon Jae Ridout - Backup vocals on 'Coming Down' and 'Til I'm Gone'

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering in Nashville, TN

Front Cover Art by Ashley Mae
Back Cover Photo by Kimberly Hatten-Reid
Graphic Design by Cud Eastbound
Last Bonus track Titled, "I Hate To See You Go(But Happy For The Time We Shared)'
All songs written and copyrighted by Benjamin Tod Flippo
Except 'Til I'm Gone' written by Nicholas Ridout and copyrighted by Shannaon Ridout

THANK YOU to all the friends, family, and fans who funded this album's creation.



all rights reserved


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LOST DOG street band Nashville, Tennessee

lost dog is ashley mae and benjamin tod. benjamin is a songwriter from nashville and ashley is a fiddle player from south dakota. benjamin and ashley have hopped trains, hitchhiked, walked, and sang their way coast to coast for the past five years.


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Track Name: September Doves
There was a very sacred place back where I grew

Between three old pine trees that nobody knew

I'd close my eyes and pass the time like youngin's often do

But now I'm long gone, completely ruined

Darlin' you and I were made for many different things

To live and learn and lie and life, fight and dance and sing

But our hearts have been so battered by the things that we have seen

And I can feel it in the way you look at me


We could pick any old road and start again

Hell, we could change our names and try to forget

Lord knows I'll be sorry when it's done

But circumstances shot us down like September doves

Circumstances shot us down like September doves

My grandmother's lullabies used to sing me to sleep

I can't sleep nowadays without liquid relief

Well if lullabies were whiskey then my Grandma's drinks were cheap.

I can't afford sleep anymore

We were never made for love our souls are far too old

But loneliness needs company and a lost dog needs a home

So you will be the fire and I will be the coal

Baby we can burn out of control

Chorus x2
Track Name: Hell's Canyon
In the mouth of Hell's Canyon is where I am bound
It's where I will lose and where I'll be found
Where the mighty Snake River runs free and runs clear
And the mountains stand tall for all men to fear

My soul is the Devils, He owns the deed
I'm bound for Hell's Canyon for eternity

I'll dance with the demons with the liquor I still
Burn all my bridges and shatter my will
I used to ramble and gamble and steal
My soul is now tortured by men that I killed


Someday they'll come with their horses and guns
And string me up high with the break of the sun
With my final words I'll nod and I'll sigh
I'm bound for Hell's Canyon to lose and to shine

1st Verse
Track Name: Ole Yegg Lee
Oh, my name it Lee, I'm a yegg and a thief
I have picked every lock this side of hell
and I'm doing swell but lordy lordy know only time will tell

Where I sleep I don't care, like to smoke like to swear
I can drink any rounder to his knees another whiskey please
Shoot a ten dollar piece at a thousand feet

When I make my way back, few more miles down the tracks
Oh that lady of mine she smiles at me my little bumble bee
She's sweet like the honey but she sure can sting

Through the rain and the snow onto Pocatello
Pocket full of silver in my jeans, and a couple dreams
Like throwing dice down in New Orleans

I got drunk, I got loud, I got kicked out of town
Sheriff said "We don't want your kind 'round here do I make that clear?"
So I went to speak with the engineer

I'm in need, of a train, take me back where I came
Make it long, make it fast and let her roll and let the whistle blow
So every hard-weathered tramp knows when to go
Track Name: Hard Road Again
The moon she lays low tonight I pray for mornin' light
With bloody palms and muddy jeans
The mountain moans a traveler weeps
You claim to be the highway kind,
But you could take the hard road again

Springs gone season's changed Cheyenne calls my name
The get up from a westbound train
Drags me through the summer rain
You may have your reasons,
But you could take the hard road again

Money comes and money goes dirty thing we all own
Threw my wallet in the fire
Some folks think that I'm a liar
From what I gather you're a fool
And you could take the hard road again

This valley will keep me clean city lights bring me grief
I've done things that I ain't proud
I should be in jail or in the ground
You can worry wrong and right
And I will take the hard road again

The few I love is why I'm here for times of war and times of tears
I never cared for life too much
It's too much blood and not enough guts
You can wish on starry nights
And I will take the hard road again
You can worry wrong and right
And I will take the hard road again
Track Name: Nobody's Baby Now
The land I love is the south
But there are rocks in the soil and briar all 'round
So we torture the earth with a matchbook and plow
I'm nobody's baby now

I awoke before the light and
I knew that you'd gone so far from my side
'Cause I broke your heart and don't even know how
I'm nobody's baby now

I'm nobody's baby now,
And I taste salty tears from when you walked out
Hell even the dog left me for the pound
I'm nobody's baby now

I had my fill of corn liquor
Early in the mornin' like a lazy old critter
When the stars they do shine, Oh I stammer and howl
I'm nobody's baby now

I gambled it all and did lose
I knew that you'd leave me, but never so soon
If it'd bring you back, Oh I'd murder the town
I'm nobody's baby now

Chorus x2

I'm nobody's baby now.....
Track Name: I Remember You Well
I remember you well and all the blood that we trailed
And how we simply derailed coupled together
And now I'm poisoned inside by all the lies that we'd hide
And now these long lonesome nights stretch on forever

And now you're gone, long time gone
And we're still here, and life goes on
You stepped into the light for one short ragged ride
And left it all behind for some place better

The worst of it all ain't that great men do fall
But the hand that wrote song pulled the trigger
I hope you feel now how the world beats us down
And how tragic some life can be severed


I will live 'til I die and wear my scars with pride
and always weep when I cry 'cause I'm a sinner
Track Name: Coming Down
Some memories lay heavy down on my mind
Some days I've cared and some days I'd rather die
Sometimes I get so thirsty that I drink 'til I'm blind
I gave up on tomorrow tonight

In my dreams there's a needle and a spoon
There's a pair of dice, a loaded gun, baby me and you
And you're sawing on a fiddle and I'm wondering which to shoot
Everything's so complicated now I am coming down

Looking for a means to a new end
All my friends are falling out or packing in
Yesterday I prayed that the sun would shine for you
As I watched the sky fade to blue


Money never meant much to me
It came and it went and it never changed a thing
'Cause the hunger in my belly it quenched by fancy things
It's knowing that I am free

Track Name: One Shot To Wake
One shot to wake, one shot so I don't shake
What have I done
One shot to kiss away my emptiness
What have I done

Come here honey I spent all our money
On a good night on the town
I've been stinkin' and drinkin'
But now I'm thinkin' of coming down
One shot to wake, one shot so I don't shake
What have I done

One shot to kill, one shot so I ain't ill
What have I done.
One shot to cure, one shot 'cause I ain't sure
What have I done

I spent every dime, drank every drop
Even gambled my shoes
If win was lose, and lies were truth
I'd still be drunk and you'd be blue
One shot to wake, one shot so I don't shake
What have I done

Come here dear, I can't see clear
And I don't understand
It was Christmas an the L &N
Now it's New Years on the Rio Grande
One shot to wake, one shot so I don't shake
What have I done
Track Name: Can't Get Away From Yourself
Can't Get Away From Yourself

I hate all the people, in all the towns
I wish I was nowhere, with no one around
I could die lonely, and cherish the sound
I'll be the only, thing draggin' me down

My body's a prison, my mind is a cell
And you can't get away from yourself
You can't get away from yourself

Folks at the tavern, all dance and smile
Blend with the pattern, live in the lie
Dressed up like people, who've walked lonely miles
I can see through you, cause I've done the time


Nothing is sacred, nothing is clean
Everyone's broken, know what I mean
Violence is purer, than the sky or the ground
When this war is over, hope this city drowns

Track Name: I Hope You're Wrong
I Hope You're Wrong

Friend when you go, I hope you cure your disease
Pick up the pieces and dust off your jeans
I'll take the highway, you know it helps with the grief
When you go your way and take a part of me

I hope you're wrong about destiny
And how we are bound by rage and tragedy
Our shackles are strong and the road is steep
When you are gone brother in song, I hope you're wrong

Friend in your eyes I know you've seen the worst in me
Kept all the secrets and helped me believe
Our life's a hymnal, it's sad and it's sweet
I wrote the chorus, you found the melody


Our hearts are golden but we're both broke as can be
Pawned our salvation for chemicals and grief
I'll bring the matchbook, you bring kerosene
We'll burn the pages and start over clean